Weight loss tips - the real deal

Publish DateMar 23, 2022

No, it is not just about diet and exercise. 

Age and genetics come first. 

Aside from that, cortisols increase your appetite, and insulin instructs your body to store fat. 

So first,

1) Cut off stress factors in your life, ghost your toxic friends, and minimize your interactions with abusive people in your life; 

2) Care less about people who wrongly accuse you; stand up for yourself when necessary, but radically accept the fact that not everyone is going to like you, and not everyone is open to hearing the truth. If they are not the jury, the judge, or the arbitrator, it is okay to be misunderstood; Quit explaining to people of no importance; 

3) Do not compare yourself to others, especially those on social media. Liposuction, photoshop, media profiles are highly curated. Not to mention that anyone who lives a picture-perfect life on the outside is highly likely to be a narcissistic sociopath; (cue: the downfall of the Asian superstar Wang Leehom.) So do not feel bad if your life is not as perfect as theirs. 

4) Then cut carbs, cut refined sugars, for they trigger insulin the most;

5) Then we come to exercises. Personally, I endorse resistance training and weight lifting. Cardio is good for heart health but weight training truly empowers the body. Stronger muscles absorb glucose better and lower your blood sugar. When it comes to fat loss, muscles also burn more energy when you rest. 

6) Last but not least, sleep more and sleep better. If you are too tired to exercise, sleep. If you are too tired for unnecessary and unimportant activities, sleep. Do not be afraid of peer pressure for those friends who truly care about you, will, let, you, sleep. 

Seriously, let us prioritize health over body image. We have to be healthy, and weight loss will come naturally. 


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