Content Policy

The OrgHive Community enables people to connect over their shared common interest and passion for leading a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to create a community where everyone can contribute, share their thoughts and opinions, and engage with brands on a personal level.

The OrgHive Community encourages people to use its platform every day, to engage with and share like-minded interests, observations, and expertise within the health and wellness realm. We provide a space where you can connect and feel empowered to express yourself.

We aim to keep our online environment a friendly and sincere social platform and therefore take our role seriously to ensure our community does not experience any abuse or diminishing effects for others.

For this reason, we have developed a set of rules to form our Content Policy, that outlines what is and is not allowed on OrgHive.

1. Advertising or sales

Unless it is an agreed partnership with OrgHive, content must not include advertising sales information. This includes for user names, personal information, comments, blogs, albums, and private messages.

What is advertising sales information?

Information for the purpose of promotion, sales, and profit, which may contain specific Taobao stores, WeChat stores, WeChat, QR codes, and other advertising information; official descriptions, official links, non-real use experience, and other advertising information; deceptive content, forged experience, impersonating others and additional advertising information; multiple accounts to publish content containing advertising information.

The following content is not allowed:

  • Specific advertising promotion information
  • Clear purchasing information
  • Clear QR code advertising information

If the shared blog is an OrgHive-brand collaboration, such as a brand promotion, brand gifting, brand invitation trial, brand signing, specially invited content, etc., it must be publicly stated in the note title or at the end of the content.

2. Dangerous and violent behavior

In an effort to prevent harm both online and offline, we do not tolerate any behavior deemed unfriendly or violent throughout usernames, personal information, comments, blogs, and albums.

We remove content that incites:

  • Serious ridicule, provocation, humiliation, abuse, discrimination, or threats;
  • Behavior that interferes with user judgment, harassment, hate speech;
  • Shocking, disturbing, or even severely uncomfortable content;
  • Organized hate, terrorist activity, or any form of organized violence or criminal activity;
  • Behavior that poses potential threat to the operational safety of the OrgHive website;
  • Reference to or use of prohibited items;
  • Any supportive or praising content to any of these activities enlisted above.

Violent and terrorist content includes, but is not limited to, spreading real images of people or animals being killed, maimed, gunshots, stabbings, tortures and other injuries; violence, self-abuse or child abuse; bloody content that causes physical discomfort; shocking audiovisual, Content that is disturbing, uncomfortable or even severely uncomfortable;

Prohibited items refer to guns and ammunition, controlled knives, explosives, highly toxic chemicals, special equipment for wiretapping photos, drugs, drugs, etc., restricted from production, purchase, transportation, and possession according to national regulations.

The "restricted circulation items" mentioned refer to monopoly, monopoly items, or other items restricted for sale as stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.

3. Copyright infringement

In an effort to prevent fraudulent activity that can harm people or businesses, we remove content that intentionally deceives, misrepresents, or exploits others.

Infringing content also includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized use of other people's pictures or text content, unauthorized sending of other people's ID card photos and other private information, etc.

We do not allow any publishing of advertising information for counterfeit goods in comments, blogs, and albums.

Concerning the coronavirus pandemic;

False information about the epidemic, such as fabricating news updates, false dangers, and epidemic developments on this platform will be immediately removed, and that user will be subject to restrictions, blocks, and deletion depending on the circumstances.

Any users or groups that post content that engages, promotes, or facilitates fraudulent activity, endangers the security of the platform, or violates any law will be subject to:

(1) Having that content directly deleted or blocked;

(2) Functional restrictions, freezes, and closures depending on the circumstances;

(3) Those responsible for the illegal accounts with serious circumstances will be transferred or assisted in cooperating with judicial organs to complete relevant investigations.

4. Fake activities

In the effort to nurture a genuine community, it is prohibited to forge the number of false fans, reads, favorites, and other abnormal behaviors against users and content (including blogs, comments, albums, etc.).

This includes but is not limited to the prohibition of forging fake fan counts, reading counts, likes, favorites, comments, and other interaction counts.

5. Illegal marketing content

For marketing purposes, publishing content, selling products, providing services, publicity and promotion on the OrgHive platform are regarded as marketing activities and the site will strictly manage them.

For marketing behaviors that affect user experience and disrupt OrgHive community order, the main manifestations are:

  • Behavior that affects the user experience or is reported by the user, and its nature is marketing promotion, will limit the exposure of its account and content.
  • Marketing behaviors reported by users through comments, private messages, etc. If harassing others is reported, the site will deal with the relevant content; and delete the relevant content according to the seriousness of the circumstances.
  • Sending large amounts of advertising information to others through non-human means such as machines or software; the account will be frozen or closed.
  • The meaningless content and repetitive content sent by the machine grabbing; the account will be frozen and closed.
  • False winning information; the account will be frozen or closed.

OrgHive strictly prohibits the publishing of any illegal marketing information on the platform, including but not limited to:

  • Content that endangers the security of the platform. Such as restricted circulation information, financial fraud information, phishing website information, etc.
  • The content of regulatory documents that violate any national laws, regulations, departmental rules, etc. If the prior administrative license is not obtained, the statutory license or license is not obtained in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authority, the relevant content is published or disseminated in violation of regulations. Including, but not limited to, publishing the promotion content of drugs or medical devices in violation of regulations, and publishing the promotion content of illegal health care products in violation of regulations, etc.

Accounts and content involved in publishing illegal marketing information in violation of outlined regulations will be handled as follows:

  • Directly delete or block the content of illegal marketing information.
  • For users who endanger the security of the platform and violate the relevant prohibitions of laws or regulations, the relevant accounts shall be subject to functional restrictions, freezes, and closures depending on the circumstances.
  • Those responsible for illegal accounts with particularly serious circumstances will be transferred or assisted in cooperating with judicial organs to complete relevant investigations.

It is forbidden to include pornographic, vulgar, violent, terrorist, and gambling content in user names, personal information, comments, blogs, and albums.

Pornographic and vulgar content includes the spread of obscene and pornographic content, including but not limited to soliciting prostitution, sexual partners, etc.; text, pictures, and videos overly describe or display sexual parts and sexual behaviors; suggest or imply sexual parts and sexual behaviors. Connotations such as displaying objects that resemble sexual organs, or actions that resemble sexual behavior; vulgar and inferior art, vocal music and other pornographic content is also not permitted.

Gathering crowds for gambling, selling gambling equipment, teaching gambling skills, methods, methods, etc., conducting gambling activities, and other gambling content cannot be published.

6. Other prohibited content

To encourage a safe, lawful community, all disrespectful or illegal content is strictly prohibited by OrgHive.

Violations of laws and regulations include but are not limited to:

  • Oppose the basic principles established by the Constitution;
  • Endanger national unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity;
  • Endanger of China National Security law;
  • Leak state secrets;
  • Inciting ethnic division, infringing on the customs and habits of ethnic minorities, and undermining ethnic unity;
  • Destroy national religious policies, promote cults and feudal superstitions;
  • Promote obscenity, superstition, or exaggerate violence;
  • Endanger social ethics and national excellent cultural traditions;
  • Disturb social order and undermine social stability;
  • Inducing minors to commit crimes and exaggerating violence, pornography, gambling, and terrorist activities;
  • Insult or slander others;
  • Infringe or may infringe the legal rights of any third party;
  • Vulgar or abusive content;
  • Other content prohibited by relevant laws, administrative regulations, and state regulations.

7. Integrity and authenticity

It is not recommended to include content that induces sharing, non-original, other software accounts, or watermark information.

For content creators or contributors collaborating with OrgHive, participating blogs need to meet the original requirements and may not plagiarize, wash, or transfer original content published by other authors on this platform or other platforms, otherwise the partnership will be cancelled.

The eligibility for the selection of the blog and the legal liability caused by the author’s personal plagiarism shall be borne by the blogger themself, and has nothing to do with the OrgHive website.

Additional disclaimers

  • The site is formulated based on maintaining the order of the OrgHive website. The site is not responsible for any loss of interests of related users that may be caused by the implementation of this "Regulation".
  • Legal disputes caused by users' commercial activities on the OrgHive platform are handled by both parties themselves and have nothing to do with the OrgHive website and the company.
  • In order to better protect the rights and interests of users, the site may follow the different stages of the development of the Internet, as the community management experience continues to enrich, to maintain the order of the OrgHive community, constantly adjust and optimize this specification according to changes in order.
  • This specification was revised and updated on August 25, 2021, and will take effect from the date of issuance.

For anyone who has any objections to the processing based on this specification, or if you find illegal content and actively report it, you are also welcome to provide your feedback through our Contact Us page.