Pregnant women can wear make up too! Let's check out this plant-based lipstick

Publish DateSep 01, 2021

I finally experienced how lazy a pregnant woman can be to herself, as I once didn’t put myself up together during my pregnancy.


However I realized I could never go back to my lively and beautiful life again if I don’t make a change. Thus I started from doing makeups day by day.


For safety concerns, I stopped using the most makeup products especially lipsticks. I don’t want to be irresponsible to my little baby by using unknown-sourced products.

Finally I found Naturaglace’s plant-based lipstick!



Before being a mom, I focus on choosing colors among the big brands. Now I focus on the organic and natural ingredients.

Can’t believe I really found it!

Previously I only believed in Japanese products for makeup. However Naturaglace surprised me. It is designed for pregnant women, and the ingredients are all edible and mostly from plants. From then on, I don’t have to worry about lipsticks.



Before Naturaglace other similar products are either not pigmented enough or not long-lasting. But this brand totally works on my lips, with a very natural and delightful look.


Definitely I would recommend to try it!  



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