Winter is coming!

Publish DateNov 25, 2021

Winter is coming! Yeah, the harsh winter will soon arrive. And, along with it, comes complex problems with skin and haircare. I am a firm believer that: precaution is better than care. 

Since childhood, my mother has constantly reminded me of the natural ways to deal with health problems. Needless to say, even for winter, my heart dances to the tune of natural care. 

Here are some quick tips: 

1.Drink lots of water 

Always hydrate your body – it is quintessential. Hydrating can help deal with several problems. Especially during winter, due to the cold outside, the body always doesn’t remind about drinking water. So, practice extra caution and care while heading for the winter season. 

2.Say no to long showers 

Don’t take long showers! They can strip you of your natural oils, hence adding flaky skin. 

Also, don’t take a too-hot shower. It will make your body more dehydrated. 

3.Thick moisturizer 

Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. I always for rich oil-based products to provide my skin with the extra boost required during winters. 


Opt for natural cleansers! Don’t go too harsh!  

Look for natural cleansers that are gentle on your skin. In winter, one needs a cleanser that takes extra care. Our skin can become too sensitive. 

Check the Beauty Cleanse Skincare collection. The powder wash is just WOW!


Just because it’s winter, don’t ignore that sunscreen bottle of yours. Apply sunscreen generously. Winter can be harsh. Always apply the apt amount of moisturizer. Remember, sunscreen isn’t just for the summer season. The winter sun can be harsh too.

Hope these tips can help you this winter. 

Happy holidays!

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