What is the Chinese square dance?

Publish DateMar 31, 2022

It is sad to see elderly people left alone or still having to work towards eternity, especially in places that do not provide a pension plan. 

It is hard to find entertainment for the elderly. Loneliness and a lack of community are major problems older people face in our society. Also if they are too lonely, they also love to meddle with your affairs.

Square dance in mainland China started as a way for old people to exercise through soft dancing, accompanied by happy music. 

These dances often take place in huge public squares or parks that can host lots of people. 

Unlike public spaces in certain regions, subject to criminal activity and the tragedy of the commons, Chinese parks and squares in urban areas are oftentimes kept very clean and are generally crime-free. People do not have to travel to the suburbs for open and green spaces for activities. 

They are usually occupied by the kids and the elderly. 

Nowadays, most square dancers in mainland China are retired, living on a pension, dancing to improve on their medical conditions, and making friends in their square dancing endeavors. 


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