What is Tai Chi - exercise forms passed from ancient times

Publish DateApr 06, 2022

Tai chi is a well-known form of exercise in East Asia and has been popular for centuries. It's no surprise that martial arts are great for your health.


Tai Chi Chan, an internal martial art, is known for its defense properties. Practitioners should be able to let attackers bounce off of them.

Tai Chi is a slow and steady practice.

The performer should relax more often during the Tai Chi exercises. The movements are slow, calm, and deep. Tai Chi postures are taught using a set choreography. Although most of them are short, they can also be taught in longer forms with a partner or weapon. 

Tai Chi is easy to perform at home, in the park, or on the beach. There are many styles to choose from, but the most popular are Yang, Chen, and Wu. 

There are many other styles, and new directions are being developed all the time. Many of the exercises in the over 1500 exercise forms are similar, including the fist strike and the crossing of hands. 

These exercises can be combined to create new forms.

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