6 Best Essential Oils for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Publish DateJun 21, 2021

Essential oils are extracted from a plant's roots, seeds, flowers, or bark. These oils are produced through steam or water distillation and can also be produced by cold pressing. They grant a plant its signature scent and also protect it from dangers in the environment.  

When used in skin care products, essential oils provide a multitude of benefits that can improve your complexion the natural way.  

How to use essential oils

Essential oils are highly potent and must be applied safely for use in skin care. To illustrate, it takes 75 lemons to make just 15 mL of lemon essential oil, 27 square feet of lavender plants to make just 15 mL of lavender essential oil, and a whole pound of raw peppermint to make just 15 mL of peppermint essential oil. 

Avoid applying essential oils directly to your skin, as they are in a highly concentrated form and can trigger sensitivies. Before using them topically, remember to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil or coconut oil.  

Read on to discover six of nature's best essential oils for healthy, radiant skin. 



Chamomile Oil 

Chamomile essential oil is extracted through steam distillation. This oil is full of anti-inflammatory agents, which reduce puffiness and cleanses pores effectively. Bisabolol is the primary component of chamomile oil and serves as a powerful anti-aging ingredient that helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This substance can inhibit the enzymes in the skin breaks down collagen and simultanouesly aids collagen production.  The fragrance of Chamomile oil is rich yet delicate and is reminiscent of apples.    


Rose Oil 

Rose oil is beneficial for the capiliaries due to its toning and astringent properties, which helps to effectively tighten the skin’s pores. Rosa centifolia contains a range of antioxidants and vitamins that contribute to moisturized, plump skin. The astringent properties smooth the skin's surface, helping to reduce redness and sooth any inflammation caused by distended capillaries.  


Citrus Oil 

Citrus oil originates from lime and is extracted via steam distillation. This oil is prized due to its decongestion effect on the the lymphatic system and its toning abilities. This is a balancing oil that helps to even out oily skin. Citrus oil is also cleansing and antiseptic. Citrus oil can effectively ease irritated skin and reduce the appearance of scars and skin marks. 

Sandalwood Oil 

Extracted from its shredded wood, Sandalwood oil offers powerful astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and disinfectant benefits. In skin care, Sandalwood oil is an effective treatment against eczema and acne and provides gentle rehabilitation for dry, sensitive skin. This prized oil can also reduce wrinkles by enhancing moisture in the skin. The earthy, grounding aroma of sandalwood promotes deep sleep and rest.  

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is extracted from the seeds of wild rose bushes and is also a rich source of linoleic fatty acids, which offer antiseptic and astringent properties. This oil is well-known for its ability to rejuvenate the skin, contributing to reduced scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Rosehip oil is a potent nourishing agent for dry skin.  

The multiple fatty acids held in rosehip oil make it an ideal compound to sooth dry, itchy skin. Rosehip oil is easily absorbed into the skin, where its antioxidants can deeply penetrate into the skin's epidermal layers. 

Vanilla Oil

Vanilla oil is revered due to its rich concentration of antioxidants. When used in skin care formulations, this oil prevents and reduces skin damage caused by free radicals and environmental toxins, helping to reverse signs of premature aging.  

As well as its protective qualities, vanilla oil when used in skin care products provides a lucious fragrance is both sweet and enticing. 

Author: Jesamine Dyus

Images sourced from Pexels and FreePik 

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