How to Curate the Right Hair Care Routine for You?

Publish DateJan 07, 2022

Curating a hair care routine is just as difficult as skin care. But once you’ve found something that works for you, results are rest assured. With the number of options available out there, the process can seem a little daunting. 

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to consider before you create a hair care routine for yourself: 

Your hair care routine ultimately depends on the following factors: 

·   Your hair type – dry, oily. 

·      Your hair texture – silky, wavy, curly. 

·    Hair condition – bleached, dyed, or chemically treated. 

Some of the other factors that also need to be considered before building your hair care routine are to understand: 

·   How do you prefer wearing your hair on the daily? 

·      Do you use any styling tools?

·    If yes, how often? 

Everyone deals with some problem or the other with their hair; sometimes in phases, whether it’s dryness, frizzy hair, a flaky scalp, or damage through chemical treatments.

Although the basics remain universal to all of these, you can tweak your routine to suit your needs. 


The first step to a thorough hair care routine is to cleanse. Regular cleansing of your hair helps rejuvenate your scalp and remove any product residue. Remember that cleansing is for the scalp, so ensure that you take your cleanser deep through your scalp and not concentrate on just your strands. Clean your hair every other day or twice a week to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils; don’t take the advertising gimmick of ‘Daily Shampoos’ quite literally. However, in the absence of regular wash/cleanse, sebum tends to build up, creating unnecessary oiliness that eventually attracts more dirt.

Based on your hair type, your scalp might feel greasy at different frequencies. For example, straight hair tends to get greasy within a day or two of cleansing, as opposed to curly hair. 

Another condition to consider curating a cleansing cycle is if your hair has been treated chemically before. If yes, then your cleansing routine may have to be rethought. As cleansing dyed/chemically treated hair too often can cause fading, dryness, and a lot of added damage.

Investing in good nourishing shampoos and conditioners with a negligible amount of parabens can be beneficial for those
with colored hair to avoid further damage. You can check out the whole range of organic products by Avalon Organics 


Following up your cleansing routine with conditioning is a crucial step in your routine. Conditioners have a plethora of benefits, and the main one is moisturizing. Apart from moisturizing, conditioners help create a layer that sticks on the hair to seal the moisture in. 

Packed with Australian Tea Tree Oil, acclaimed for its antibacterial properties, and Jojoba oil, Jason Tea Tree Normalizing Conditioner can provide a new level of fresh and clean comfort.

Moisturize and Seal

We’ve heard a lot about face serums, but hair serums are beneficial when you have long outdoors or even otherwise. Once your hair is cleansed and conditioned, include a hair serum in your routine to offer further protection from breakage and dryness. 

You may also prefer oils to serums to enhance the natural oil in your hair to add further hydration and nourishment.


Always use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair without breakage. Most of us get this step wrong as your hair tends to break when it’s wet, especially when brushed through. However, it is a step that can not be skipped to avoid breakage later. Depending on your hair type, you may need to detangle at multiple intervals per day or at least once a day. 

If you have somewhat problematic, easily tangled hair, add some detangling spray before you comb through. 

Natural wooden combs have come through as being the most effective for detangling. And what better option than that, while you’re cutting down on plastic usage by opting for these.

Style and Protect

This is a personal choice and entirely depends on how you like to wear your hair daily. Do you want straight hair and prefer straightening it? Do you like to tie in a high pony, so it doesn’t hinder your work? Or do you like to leave it the way it is and throw it in a bun whenever you feel like it? 

Depending on this, you’d have to include tools, protection serums, hair ties, etc. 

If you like to use hair styling tools, especially those that work with heat, it is best to invest in a good hair tool and not cut corners by using inexpensive ones as they turn out to be much more damaging. Use a heat protection spray to create a barrier between your hair and the tool. 

If you like to tie your hair up, make sure to use good-quality hair ties, as those with too much elasticity may cause your hair to break. Silk scrunchies are a great option if you have frizzy and easily damageable hair.


Spot-treat essentially means to pick a particular routine and concentrate only on a problematic section. This could be a good testing phase for curating a thorough routine. 

You could introduce each process in steps, starting with just a conditioner, continuing to a protein treatment, and then advancing to higher nourishing products. 

Experimenting in this fashion is a foolproof way to arrive at a haircare routine that’s most effective for you.  

Incorporating Actives and other Treatments

Turns out you can use active ingredients such as AHAs and BHAs for your hair, not just your skin. Treating your scalp with these actives will exfoliate your scalp, unclog your follicles, and promote growth. You can incorporate them into your routine twice a month. 

Once a month, protein treatment can prove beneficial for any of you with extremely dry hair as it provides your hair with the right nourishment and avoids breakage by strengthening your hair strands.

Using hair masks with nourishing ingredients once a week can also prove to be a great way to replenish any lost dullness due to pollution or stress deeply. 

It may all sound too preachy, but consistency is vital. Of course, you will not see results overnight. Your hair will take its own time to get used to the products and actually start to feel healthy.


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Author: Somrita Ganchoudhuri

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