Sustainable Wisdom from Germany - Introducing Elke Hockauf

Publish DateNov 24, 2021

We @OrgHive are excited to introduce our new contributor - Elke Hockauf. 

With an unwavering passion for knowledge on certified natural and organic cosmetics, Elke's aim has been to spread the word about recognized natural cosmetics. Elke had a flourishing career in marketing, but during her three decades of work in sales, marketing, and inspecting natural cosmetics, one problem that remained persistent was the lack of clarity regarding certified natural cosmetics.  

Questions like: What are the recognized natural cosmetics standards? Who are the accredited certifiers? What kind of testing do they do? — always remained unanswered, or the answer was too confusing. 

Since then, Elke has been passionate about actively sharing her expertise in this field to help others participate in their decision-making. Elke also created Authentic Eco — a space to provide information on certified natural cosmetics.  

Elke's passion aligns with our mission of creating a knowledgeable community connecting people with shared interests and passion for leading a more health-conscious, wellness-orientated lifestyle. 

At OrgHive, we aim to empower you to make more natural and well-informed lifestyle choices. 

Our passion for spreading the word of natural and clean-living stems from the deep-rooted philosophy of saving planet Earth by creating the ethic for sustainable living and putting theory into practice – constructing a space that guides the adoption of a sustainable lifestyle. 

Sustainable living attempts to reduce society's burden on Earth's natural resources — to stay in harmony with nature.  

Sometimes this means refusing to consume a product manufactured using procedures that do not encourage sustainability. Other times, it requires changing your habits to become a more active participant. 

Our objective is to increase the availability of organic and natural products throughout the Asia Pacific, allowing anybody interested in making more conscious choices to do so with simplicity. 

The covid-19 pandemic that hit the globe in 2020 beginning has changed our lives in an unprecedented manner. Experts suggest a remarkable shift in people's attitude towards sustainability, and Gen Z is at its epicenter.  Covid caught us by surprise, and its ramifications have swept people across the globe.  

The move towards sustainable living has pushed businesses to think of sustainability and offer services that include it as an essential value. According to several recent studies, Gen Z buyers increasingly demand sustainable shopping and make purchase decisions based on personal, social, and environmental values and principles. 

As a result, every organization is progressively touting its commitment to sustainability, and greenwashing has become a rising concern. So much so that at the recent UN climate conference, Greenpeace's executive director cautioned the world about efforts by countries and corporations to greenwash the impact of their pollution on the planet. 

Greenwashing, which dates back to the 60s, is as murky as ever. Let's do our bit with informed decision-making. Be an OrgHiver and learn about a health-conscious, wellness-orientated lifestyle. 

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